Where have I been? Thanks to those of you who wrote to ask. As usual, there is a good reason for me not writing.

That's right, folks. Mid blog post, my posessed computer officially died its last death (another reminder to save often…). There is no power even getting to it now and not even duct tape is improving the connection like it has the past month.

As far as mooching off someone else's computer, the three local friends I do have with working computers all happened to be gone the last two days.

My new computer (I ordered one since I knew my computer was going to bite it soon) will be ready to be picked up Thursday. Ugh! Until then, it's lunch hour posts and off-hour mooching from friends…

Do know that all  was not entirely lost. I did manage to back everything up except some work I did this weekend. I've only lost four or five hours of work but I know it could be a lot worse then that.

Also, I spent Monday night crafting ahead for Too Cute Tuesday. I had to rely on a kit this week but sometimes, you have to use a short cut, you know?

So please a moment of silence for my computer… Alright, good enough. Back to blogging…

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