I heard a really interesting story on NPR on Friday night (I know, you were probably doing something more interesting, right?). There was a great story about how a shortage of containers is effecting the flow of everything in the economy. We're buying less which means less containers (as in containers on container ships) are coming into American ports. And the less containers coming in means the less containers coming out.

This is a really excellent piece of journalism with good facts and storytelling. It's probably the best I've heard since This American Life tackled the housing crisis a few months ago. Oh, and the whole thing is only six minutes and forty one seconds long and made me sound smart in a meeting today.

Listen to "A Strange Shortage Illustrates the Global Economy" here…

Moving Update: On my end, I'm actually dealing with an abundance of containers as I unpack. I'll post pictures soon but it's still looking too messy for me to show the world.

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