Thoughts On Bro Marketing (An Accidental Part One)

At first, I thought it was confined to their vibe and branding.

Bro Marketing isn’t about hating men; it’s about throwing out the tactics promoting hustle culture and the patriarchy.

1. Lack of citations
Men cite their own papers 56% more than women on average, according to an analysis of 1.5 million studies published between 1779 and 2011. (Nature)

Male authors cited women’s work at a rate of 14 percent lower than their female peers in [these] journals. (Political Analysis)
Link to abstract:

Link to news story covering the article:

2. FOMO/Limited Time
Have you heard “we only have four more spots” or “the course closes in 24 hours”? Then you’ve experienced the false urgency created by bro marketing. (See the Amy Porterfield example about the ‘course closing tomorrow’ ad to a page with a countdown timer that says it closes in 12 days.

3. Lifestyle flaunting
From Lambos to designer bags to private jets to killer houses, the marketing message is underlined with an income claim that is not said outright but implied by surroundings and context. It seems to subconsciously say ‘If you do what I say, you can be as successful as me.’

4. Transactional relationships
Wives are trophies, children are cute humanizers in photos and videos, and ‘friends’ are people who bought their course or are cross-promoting their business. No photos from a barbecue or volunteering on that feed! Every relationship serves a transactional purpose if showcased.

5. Aggressive tactics
Besides the scarcity/fear of missing out stuff above, the marketing tactics are as subtle as a hammer to the head. Immediate popups, exclusionary messaging and use of other psychological manipulation tactics, every piece of content being about the thing they’re trying to sell… it’s exhausting and off-putting for most ordinary people.

6. If you’re not successful, you’re the problem.
These bro marketers treat you one way at the top of the sales funnel and a lot different/more harshly once you are in it. You’re not successful? It’s because you didn’t do it right. Using critical thinking, we know we can’t be the *only* person who followed the plan and saw no success but these people will definitely imply their method is perfect while you, in fact, are not.

7. I know more about you than you do/Savior complex
Anyone who acts like they know everything about you or they want to help you with your mindset, mental blocks, etc. without being a trained mental health professional is not only gross but dangerous. Check out this TikTok creator for more on this:
One marketing program, one product, one anything will not change your business… you will. Information and tactics are helpful but they are implemented by you.

As you see with our examples, bro marketing isn’t gender but a fear-based marketing practice rooted in the patriarchy that it’s time to leave in the dust.

In Part Two, we will have a more light-hearted talk about fonts, photography styles, colors, hashtags, and the other branding pieces that reinforce bro marketing ideas.

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