So the economy is in stagflation mode, not recession mode as of yesterday (Debt Free Revolution). Food prices are soaring and are expected to be inflated for at least two more years (CNN Money). What I want to know is does recession make people fatter or skinner?

You’d think that having less money available would mean less food available, which would make America as a whole skinner. (Interestingly enough, car’s are actually lightening up these days. Ford introduced it’s car that lost sixty pounds to gain some gas mileage (CNN Money). Maybe if we lost weight on our bodies that sit in our cars, we’d also get better gas mileage?)

In short, recession should slim us all down. There is, however, much more evidence that a recession/stagflation will make us all a little porkier. The Simple Dollar delves into how recession triggers poor food (and other) buying decisions while Sense to Save has reviewed a cookbook born out of a phenomenon: The 99 Cent Only Store Cookbook.

Also in a nation of comfort food, where people are depressed about the economy and watching more television (the most accessible "free" entertainment), it seems we are headed towards getting fatter.

What can we do? In short, shop smart and cook more. If you are totally not excited about cooking or don’t know where to start, this is a great post for you. And if you want to know how and why this food crisis is happening (and what you can do), check out this great post at Cheap Healthy Good.

In short, the recession will only make you fatter if you let it. Start cooking and thinking ahead about food purchases and you should stay your healthy self.

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