I was perusing the Clinique website (that’s the foundation I wear; my exact skin shade is apparently “Healthy”). I remembered that the last time I ordered makeup that tinted moisturizer was the same price as foundation. Is this still the case? Here are my results:



That’s right, for less tint, you pay more. And it’s only SPF 15. (I’m pround to claim I’ve been wearing SPF 45 since I was 16 years old.)

So here’s what I do. In the morning, I take my Clinique foundation and mix it with equal parts SPF 45 face sunscreen (like Neutrogena) in the palm of my hand before applying.

Equation The benefits:

    At $8, Neutrogena makes a good moisturizer with a high SPF. Clinique makes a great makeup. I benefit from both by combining the best of both worlds.

    My beauty routine is cheaper.

    I get to use foundation in the winter and tinted moisturizer in the summer. No changing products. No products expiring on me.

Has anyone else been doing this? Is it me or does it not make the most sense to mix it yourself?

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