So if it's one thing my good friends know about me is I'm a socially concious shopper. I let myself eat fast food exactly twice a year (usually when I'm in the process of moving). I buy local whenever I can, which I'm trying to do as I start my business as well. And when I do have to buy something not-so-local, I try to make the socially or environmentally concious choice.

Case in point: The other day, I needed to buy toothpaste. Now I am a religious user of Tom's Of Maine. They are a 'local' company. They are socially and environmentally concious. They treat their employees well. I want to support that.

Meanwhile I was at one of my favorite salvage store and I saw a tube of Crest Pro-Health for $0.69. So I bought it.
Now here's my question: Is it better to buy socially and environmentally concious products new? Or is it better to buy things that would otherwise go in a landfill? 
Pros To Buying Salvage
– Saving things from prematurely going into a landfill.
– Less expensive.

Pros To Buying Products with A Concience
– Supporting good companies.
– Products can often be healthier and/or safer.
What I'm wondering though is what is inherently better. I can't seem to find a good source online one way or the other, but I'm probably not searching the right keywords. What do you think?

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