A Photocopy Of Everything In Your Wallet Can Save Your Butt

When I went to France, I read about all sorts of things I should do to be safe while traveling. Luggage locks, not carrying a lot of cash… I don’t remember much of it now (though I do remember compiling quite a paranoid little list). I do remember one thing: "Keep a photocopy of everything in your wallet, (front and back of cards) in your suitcase."

It’s easy to misplace a wallet or have it simply "disappear". I made a copy of everything from my credit card to my passport and took one copy in my suitcase and left one copy with my parents. Piece of mind, twice.

I’ve never had to use my photocopy but should I ever need to cancel a card or simply try to recover missing things, my photocopy is excellent insurance. (That’s right, I haven’t traveled internationally in years but I still have my photocopy.) If I can’t find my library card number or need the phone number to cancel a credit card, it’s all in one place.

Do you know what’s in your wallet? 

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