So I just got back from a trip and things have been crazy busy. I saw my buddy J's art project on his blog and thought I'd steal the idea. He gets more exposure, I get a free blog post: a win-win I thought.

Then this morning some negative comments basically saying: how can you waste $48 cash on this painting? A perfectly valid question that did get me to thinking.

J had an artistic vision and to him it was worth $50. I get that. Moreover, I respect it.

We all have things other people think we "waste" our money on. When I have extra money, I buy clothes for example. I know friends who love to own every new movie that comes out or have a cell phone that costs more monthly then my phone bill and gym membership combined. Some of use like an expensive meal once in awhile or lunch with the gals every week. We would all spend $50 or more (per month anyway) on most of these things and no one would comment.

Cash on a painting? Maybe it's not your thing. And that's fine. I certainly don't expect people to like everything posted on this blog.

One thing I have learned in writing this blog is that there is not way to personal financial freedom. That's why there's so many personal finance blogs out there. And I think the personal finance gurus who tell you to live reasonably and splurge occasionally are the most right-on.

The excellent book "All Your Worth" has it down to a formula: needs 50%, wants 30%, and savings 20%. Working within those parameters, I've done fine and you can too. And whether you spend your 30% wants on coffee drinks or art projects is not for me to judge. 

But I am curious, especially with the personal finance minded people out there: what do you "waste" your money on? (I mean waste to other people, not to you.) And if you feel a little talky, why do you do it?

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