Here's me sailing! Yeehaw!

So I have a business acquaintance who happens to have a sailboat. I’ve wanted to go on a boat all summer so a few weeks ago, I felt bold and messaged him on Facebook. I told him I’d wanted to go on a boat all summer and asked if he’d mind taking me sailing sometime. I offered to bring lunch and/or snacks and otherwise earn my keep.

He said sure and asked me when my next day off was.

My host's dog has her own lifejacket and does a mean coyote impression to scare off the bald eagles.I told him, while apologizing for being so bold. I mean I wasn’t rude but it was certainly direct. He said no apologies were necessary and that he thought it admirable for me to ask for what I wanted. How else was I ever going to get it? Good point.

So Sunday, I got to go sailing in Somes Sound and even learn a little about it. I helped with what I could, brought snacks, and was otherwise a happy traveler. I even with a bit of help maintained a wing on wing sail for about ten minutes (this is apparently difficult for a novice to do).

What I’m trying to say is I had nothing to lose by asking for what you want, especially if it’s something concrete with a definite ending point. Be appreciative of the behavior before, during, and after the fact. I certainly am thankful to have had this opportunity.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend as well!

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