1. Making sun tea on a lazy afternoon.
2. Growing a plant from a seed.
3. Ironing your sheets and pillowcases (makes them soft).
4. Drinking a Monaco on your back deck (to make a Monaco: a dollop of grenadine syrup in a glass, pour cold beer on top).
5. Sending an old fashioned letter (a real one that you mail) to a friend.
6. Swap a favorite summer read with someone… or get one from the library.
7. Paint your toenails. (Those mini bottles mean little commitment. Might as well go bright orange!)
8. Giving yourself a pore-cleansing mask. (You can make them yourself, or buy a little package at the drugstore).
9. Help a friend do a project.
10. Scan an old photograph (like you putting pink curlers in your grandfather's hair) and make it your desktop background.
11. Borrow a dance video from the library and learn some new moves.
12. Eat a corndog (as I found today, they are ridiculously cheap!).
13. Get one or two of those huge gumballs from a gumball machine and blow ginormous bubbles.
14. Going for a run (exercise endophins and healthy!).
15. Put a lemon in your water glass.
16. Call your grandmother, even if for a couple of minutes.
17. Write a thank you note to someone who helped you out… and send it!
18. Get $1 worth of penny candy and sit somewhere scenic to eat it.
19. Buy your local paper and get caught up on the local news and activities.
20. Pick some wildflowers.

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