A Week-long Series About Travel

I read a lot of blogs and web sites trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world. (I follow over 60 by RSS feeds but this is not including what I just stumble upon, which is a fair bit). When I collect a fair bit of links on the subject, I like to have a little mini-series (like with Curb Appeal last week). I won’t do series all the time (promise!) but it is nice to have a little mini-package, don’t you think? So this week, I’m traveling, well, virtually. Physically I am still very much in my normal life.

Some of us are looking at a long weekend coming up. (Yes, I know it’s only Monday but I can look forward anyway!) Due to gas prices (and everything prices really), many of us may stick closer to home then we normally would. Kiplinger’s had an article about cheap summer vacations last week, ranging from playing tourist in your town to doing a longish car trip several hundred miles rather than flying somewhere.

For the long weekend, in an effort to save fod money, I will be staying put. I personally have never seen Timber Tina’s Great Maine Lumberjack Show or the Agassiz outcrop, though I am in within a ten minute’s drive of both. Oh and there is Acadia National Park a whole half hour away. I’ve got options for the weekend so I will definitely do something. I’m sure you have options, too.

Sean and I keep a list of things we want to do by our little marker board near the phone and try to tackle one or two every so often. Our day trips make us feel like we get around without spending a lot of money. And there is always more to add to the list, which is always exciting. I posted our list on this blog "Day Trip Ideas For Spring And Summer". B

Without a list somewhere, we would forget that we have options. And since the birth of the list, we’ve done a lot more activities. Of course, this is how Sean probably really feels about my constant want to do things (got to love The Onion for being right on).

If you make your own list, do share a favorite day trip idea of yours!

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