This series on fashion is inspired by a few great fashion related posts and bloggers I've been reading lately as well as a really positive response I got from a comment I left on another blog. A young woman was asking what she should get for a work wardrobe without spending a fortune. I gave this some thought and then commented on the ten pieces I'd recommend she get. I got an email back, complimenting my complete list and saying it would serve as a shopping list.

Over the next two weeks I'll be doing a post on each article of clothing as well as photographing some of my outfits. Enjoy!

Wintercoat It sure is cold in Maine and even if it doesn't dip below freezing, where you live it no doubt gets chilly enough to warrant a jacket.

I don't have a lot of different looks to show but a coat is a staple I couldn't leave out of my recommended list!

Green wool blend coat from discount store, $30

Tips for picking a coat: Invest in a material that'll stand the test of time. Cashmere or wool can work in cold climates but a lighter material may work better for your locale. Buy the best you can afford. A 3/4 length coat is long enough to wear with a dress and looks pretty sharp to me. Alternatively, a coat that hits at the hip can be worn as a blazer at times. Your call on what works better for your wardrobe. Make sure the coat fits in the shoulders; you can have most everything else altered. Try second hand stores for nice gently used coats. (I once found a pink cashmere coat for $12 at a thrift store. It would have stared in this post but it's getting repaired.)

(I cut my own head off of this picture because you should have seen the look on my face!)

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Top Ten Female Wardrobe Staples: Good Shoes
Top Ten Female Wardrobe Staples: Flattering Jeans

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