In A Doom-And-Gloom Economy, There's Only One Thing To Do: Learn As Much As Possible 

Reading economics articles make me feel smart. I've included some links to some if you want feel smart too! Since schools all over the country are winding down, I thought I'd divide my findings by theoretical school subject.

Savingmoneysearchgraph Sociology

Could you live with just 100 things? It's an interesting idea, and the article makes me think of my about 100 kitchen utensils and appliances in a whole new way. Anyone want a blender?

When faced with a range of choices, most shoot for the middle. This principle from the book "Predictably Irrational" is explained with graphics by Can I Get Rich On A Salary.

There is an active moment to get Americans thinking that it's cool to save. Um, just check out the personal finance blogs and websites, Confronting the Debt Culture Conference. We've been talking about how cool it is for months, some people out there years. See this New York Times article for analysis. 

And according to the New York Times, rich people are having a hard time not getting to go on fancy vacations or wearing expensive clothes. Cry me a river.


Can I Get Rich On A Salary had a great analysis called "What Are Your Chances of Moving Up, Really?" examining the ability to attain the American Dream of doing better than our parents. The short form: It's not where you start but how you save that determines you moving up, that and a good education doesn't hurt. The long form though includes some great charts and additional resources.

But even in a down economy, people still have their priorities: big perky boobs. (via SmartMoney)

Environmental Science

And no need to worry about clubbing baby seals in the Arctic for our oil: The Center For Economic and Policy Research outlines three ways to save consumers money and decrease our country's energy emissions. Now what are they going to do with these ideas? (via Wall Street Journal)

Home Economics/Life Skills (the more PC term)

You too can write a polite Dear John letter to the person you want to buy a home from (or vice versa). Proves the old proverb, you'll never know until you ask. (via NYT)

And you may feel like you pay a lot for rent but a little research may prove otherwise. The Baglady plugged her numbers and found she is getting a good deal. Are you?

What did you learn in school today?

1. Can I Get Rich On A Salary is a great blog you should read often.

2. The New York Times backs up the obvious, but sometimes surprises with the occasional new nugget.

3. Nicole aggregates articles like no other. (Or at least tries to).

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Image: Gee, according to Google, people care more and more about saving money all the time. Hmmm….

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