There are some things we admittedly can’t do much about. Gas prices and high taxes are two such things (though I suppose you could convert your car to biodiesel or work under the table but both those things require too much effort for me).

I’ve been looking for ways to further trim my budget, which is actually quite lean. I have made it a goal though of cutting off $50 a month from my $250 a month grocery bill (that’s for two people).

There are a few tips related to grocery shopping that I seem to keep hearing over and over in my research and from talking to people: make a price book and cut coupons.

Price Book
If you look at your grocery list, you are probably buying the same things most every week. A price book is just a book you bring with you to the grocery store and write down the lowest prices you pay per item. This way, when you are shopping and wondering whether something is a good price or not, you can consult a reference specific to where you live and shop. I think I have one of these in my head but I really should formalize it. I may be surprised.

Yes, I have been using the Grocery Game for a few months now and it is quite helpful but I really want to step up my game (plus it’s $5 a month, I mean, can I do this myself?). I’ve also used coupons off their website to go with the sales. The idea with coupons is 1) that you wait until something is on sale and use a coupon to buy it and 2) you buy nonperishable things while they are on sale so as to "stockpile" them.

And here’s an article if you want to get really serious about the coupons (From The Digerati Life).

Coupons_2Since I haven’t given coupon cutting the chance it deserves, I went out on Sunday and bought the weekend paper for $1.50. I then proceeded to cut the coupons from it (probably at least $20 worth). I listened to the radio and had a coffee. I found myself quite relaxed after! I even took a photo to illustrate the experience.

So my financial goal is to reduce my grocery bill by $50 a month using a price book, coupons, and The Grocery Game.

Wish me luck and do feel free to share your own coupon cutting tips and tricks.

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