First off, Happy 2008. Best wishes to you in the year ahead, financially and otherwise.

I stumbled across a little blurb in a woman’s magazine that fed my whole long lost rich relative fantasy. You know the one, where you find out some relative you barely remember dies and leaves you a fortune? Maybe I’ve just seen to many movies.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a link where you can check (by typing your name only, no social security number or anything fishy like that!) if you have unclaimed property somewhere out there. Here is the link where you can search by state and here is the link where you can search nationally. Both pages are part of the National Association of Unclaimed Property site, which must be a fantastic job because you get to give people money they didn’t know they had, making them (I’m guessing) really happy.

Unfortunately, my uncommon name yeilded nothing while my boyfriend’s much more common name yeilded hundreds of results. Will he look into them? I don’t know but there is something to knowing it’s out there. . .

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