Ever notice how in decorating magazines you never see a television in the middle of the room? Exactly.

I've been looking for a media cart for two reasons. 1) Ability to tuck the whole thing into a corner or closet when I didn't want to look at it.  and 2) Portability of my ginormous old television from room to room.

I haven't gotten a new television yet because, well, the old one still works so why? Plus it has a huge screen. And if I want to do a work out DVD or watch a movie in bed on this television, I would actually have the option with said cart.

I wanted to sped $50 or less on the cart. I began looking at the usual low price places. $100 for a particle board unit that wouldn't hold my 30 pound television? No way. I then looked at office supply companies, thinking of those simple carts that held the slide projectors, overhead projectors, and other school electronics of my youth. Those cost well over $300. There had to be something better.

Then two weeks ago, my dream was at Mardens Surplus and Salvage (if you click on this link, watch out for the music!). The grill cart was big enough, made of stainless steel, included a drawer, and was on wheels… all for $40. 

Several hours with vague instructions later, my dream is realized. It took me a few months but I'm glad I held out for my little dream cart.

So the lesson my friends is knowing what you want and going for it may not be the quickest path but it will lead to the most happiness.

What are you holding out for?


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