Tofu is one of my favorite protein staples. At $2.50 a pound (or sometimes less), it beats the price of most every meat out there. Plus it’s really versatile.

I am about to go on vacation and rather then go grocery shopping, I am having a few random meals to clean out my fridge. I found a block of tofu and called in my favorite recipe. I know it’s good because I made it once for my friend S who is a great cook…and she’s asked me for it three times.

I then had to admit I got the recipe out of Glamour magazine. *Hangs head in shame but picks head up when realizing honesty is best policy*

So here’s how to make tofu look and taste good even to skeptics:

Italian bread crumbs
Grated parm cheese
Sea salt (optional)
Olive oil

Blend bread crumbs and parm cheese in a bowl (I do about a 50/50 ratio). Cut tofu into squares and dip in a plate of olive oil (both sides). Put in crumb mixture.

Cook at 415 degrees F for 30 minutes, flipping over twenty minutes into the cooking. Perfection. For serious.

Now if anyone has anything cool I can do with carrots, I’ll be all set for tomorrow night’s dinner!

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