This summer, I haven’t attended as many weddings as usual but since I am going to one next week, I’ve been thinking about wedding presents. Sure there are registries and gift certificates but I mean what gifts are really tried and true, a mix of something they want and something they’ll use? Here are a few gift ideas that I’ve been considering for my friend that you may like as well.

1. Stationary. Sure paper is the first year anniversary but there is something elegant but a set of monogrammed cards with pretty address labels. They are sharing a life together and perhaps a name and address too so stationary makes sense, at least to me.

2. Go local and homemade with Etsy. Browsing my local Etsy store, I found beautiful ceramics that had I gotten on the ball a little earlier, I could have bought and had personalized in time! Darn!

3. Blanket or throw. People can always use extra blankets. A monogram can personalize things. LL Bean does a nice job with their throws but you can also try discount realtors for more luxurious materials like cashmere or down.

3. Make something yourself. A set of table linens, a subscription to baked good of the month club for a year (made by you), or matching sweaters (but not too matching!) can be a great way to show that you care.

4. Get them something they can do together. A picnic basket, a kite, and gift certificate to the local sandwich shop is a picnic date in a box. Think of other variations on the theme including a movie night, croquet day, or anything fun and novel the couple can do together to have a little fun.

5. Collect advice. Advice about having happy marriages can be video recorded or written and scrapbooked and presented to the couple as a thoughtful gift involving more then just you. Make sure you hit up the “important”people like the immediate family members and the wedding party. Ask the family if anyone is doing this first.

6. Digital frame. The new hip picture frame perfect for the people who are always off on adventures or who have a million pictures. Even if the couple already have one, I don’t think anyone would complain about having another one of these. I found a couple on Tiger Direct for around $50 and I’m sure I could find a few more smaller ones in this price range.

7. Nice slippers for him and her. Their aunt probably bought them towels and their honeymoon location may have the really nice bathrobes but a nice pair of slippers says, “Relax, the wedding planning is over.”

For more great gift ideas, see the Real Simple gift guide.

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