As usual, I brought home two newspapers from work. I get a copy of The Ellsworth American and MDIslander as part of my job. In addition, on Thursdays I get a copy of my hometown paper, the Saint John Valley Times.

So three newspapers every week adds up. I’ve got more newsprint then I know what to do with. I’ve come up with some uses for newspapers. And because being practical and saving money involves reuse, I thought I’d put them on the blog:

1. In the fall, putting wet newspapers on the ground around your plants will inhibit weed growth. (This works! I’ve done it!)

2. Washing your windows with newspaper makes them streak free.

3. Keep a pile to start fires, especially in bonfire season.

4. Spread out newspapers on your table for a non-messy seafood picnic. (Dump the mussels of clams on the table and have everyone dig in!)

5. Shred it with your compost.

6. Make your own recycled paper. (instead of pantyhose, you can use an old screen to make things a little easier)

7. Use it to line cages, dog crates, your produce bin in your refrigerator. (Not only does it create a surface it also has some odor absorbing qualities.)

8. Giftwrapping! If you are charming enough (and buy cool enough gifts), you can get away with this.

9. Crumble in your shoes to dry them overnight. (Great for running shoes.)

10. Read it. Read it for the articles, or for coupons and sales, or just for a local calendar of free or cheap goings-on.

And here’s a much more exhastive list, some of which are a little far-fetched. Point is, there are plenty of ways to reuse newspapers, and lots of other things in life. Happy Thursday!

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