Marketing Monday: Oregon Wine Country

Usually if I haven’t been writing blog entries it’s because I’ve been doing other interesting things. I spent last week working really hard so I could take a vacation in the form of a slightly extended long weekend. Two of my college friends Bailey...

Too Cute Tuesday: Wine Tasting

Every Tuesday, it’s a craft, a cocktail, and friends. To get in on the fun, check us out on Facebook or read all the posts at Comment, suggest crafts, or start your own TCT chapter. It’s fun!

When my friend Sue said her wine expert friend John would be in town and asked if I’d want to hold a wine tasting/lesson instead of our usual craft format, I knew I’d be crazy to say no. I also knew I’d be doing this writeup on Wednesday.

On my way to Craft Central, my car broke down on the side of the road. I called up and John and Sue’s husband Andrew came and rescued me. They popped open my hood and started talking about belts and fluids. Andrew kept going in his car and getting liquids to pour in and John told me that before becoming a wine person, he was a mechanic. That’s versatility!

After making my car safe enough to drive to my favorite garage, we left it and off we went to Too Cute Tuesday.

At the beginning of the wine tasting, look how excited Sue looks. As the person taking the picture, you can't see that I am also pretty darn excited.

After this incident, John didn’t skip a beat and we all had a great experience. Here’s how you can approximate it without your own car mechanic/wine expert on hand:

Andrew: smelling the bouquet or checking if something is in his drink? When wine and dog ownership intersect...Materials

6 bottles of wine, shoot for the same kind of grape and same year but different regions. We did Cabernet Sauvignon in 2008-2009 vintages from four regions of the world.

Baguette, fancy crackers, and fancy cheeses: both palate cleansers and dinner substitutes.

Ideally one wine glass per wine type per person. Ideally, the same glass size and shape. We only had three per person so we worked with it.

Container for dumping the wine (there is probably a better technical name for this and, while it is sad to throw it out, six people drinking six whole bottles of wine would not have made for a nice Wednesday morning)

Cocktail of the Night: Um… wine!

1. Line up the bottles (don’t tell people prices or specifics).

2. Pour small glass of each wine to excited TCT participants. First smell, then swirl the glass and smell again. Discuss how the smells change.

Too Cute Tuesday: Wine Glass Charms

Too Cute Tuesday (TCT) is a weekly event on the Breaking Even blog that involves friends, crafting, and cocktailing. Every week it’s a different, inexpensive craft to make and a different, fun cocktail to keep things social. If you have an idea for a craft or otherwise want to participate,contact Nicole.Is that a Wordpress wine charm sitting on a recycled computer motherboard coaster? Nicole's house is now just a little geekier.

This Tuesday was a quiet one here at Craft Central. With everyone out with family, or on dates, or just staying inside and safe from subzero temperatures and strong winds here in Maine, I (Nicole) crafted alone this evening.

Realizing earlier in the week that we had an abundance of glass beads in our stash, I tried unsuccessfully to think of a creative way to use them. Stuck, I took the predicament to the Facebook page for ideas. Jodi of Living The Road Less Traveled recommended I make bookmarks, sun catchers, or decorative glass tags (for parties). Kelly at Almost Frugal seconded the notion of wine glass tags, suggesting I use hook earring bases as the part that loops onto the rim of the glass. TCTers are so smart!


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