Ask Nicole Weekly Series: Ad Naseum

Ask Nicole Weekly Series: Ad Naseum

In this ‘If I Was A Marketing D-bag’ installment where we talk about marketing tactics we were use if we were a bunch of jerks who had no moral compass and just wanted to take your money. This week’s edition is how to run spammy ads, mainly on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll talk remarketing pixels, cookie notices, and other compliant fun!

Online Ads 101: Ad Networks

Our previous posts about online advertising have covered pay per click and display ads. As discussed in those posts, PPC and display ads are different options in terms of types of ads (PPC means you pay when someone clicks your ad and hopefully makes a purchase,...

Online Advertising 101: Pay Per Click Advertising

Back in November, we filmed a Tech Thursday video about advertising online  (when it’s a good idea, as well as a brief sample of the more common types you may encounter). As we started filming, we realized, Hey, there’s kind of a lot to online advertising....