Too Cute Tuesday: Popcorn Balls

Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event involving a craft, a cocktail, and friends. To get crafty, check out the Too Cute Tuesday archives, follow Too Cute Tuesday on Facebook, or contact Nicole about crafting (we have a chapter in Saint Louis for example- wohoo!). With...

Too Cute Tuesday: Batik T-shirts

What do you get when you mix tea dying with wax? Apparently batik.

Dorrie did some batik-ing back in her elementary days. “We made purses.” she said.

“What did the boys make?” I asked, since I am always that difficult friend.

“Man purses.” she said. After a pause, “Well, they gave it to their moms or whatever!”

Had those poor boys known that can batik any fabric they want, we may have more enthusiastic male fabric printers in this world. You know, or not.

This is what happens when you tell batiking girls to look cute mid-soak.

Too Cute Tuesday: No Sew Bag Reprise

Sam used some cool fabric she got at a yard sale, and now for a few dollars, has yet another method to hold onto Spaz.This week is another special Too Cute Tuesday. Both Sarah and Sue has visiting mothers who joined us in the fun. Kristy, who is Sarah’s replacement at her job, also came and hopefully will be a regular.

Tonight is Sarah’s last Tuesday, but we do hope she’ll Skype with us from Saint Louis! We thought a good note to go out on was a craft that Dorrie and I only did a long time ago, back when Too Cute Tuesday was gradually becoming a group event.

Interface (iron on stuff that makes fabric stiff)
Duct tape
Ribbon (go thick), for strap material (optional, you can also use additional fabric for this)

Cocktail of the Night: Box o White Wine (at $2.67 a quart, it is certainly economical!)

If you need actual directions, here is the original link.

1. Buy the box of wine at the grocery store. Have an exchange with your usual check out guy about being a classy lady. Stop at your local fabric store and buy facing/interface. Drop supplies off at Craft Central.

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