I spent a good part of today moving into my new apartment. And by moving into my new apartment, I mean moving just enough stuff here to live for a few days comfortably until my big move Sunday. One aspect of moving I had completely forgotten about is stranger stuff.

Stranger stuff is an item or items that the previous tenant has left behind for you, seemingly on purpose.

It would make logical sense to use some of these items. First of all, they are free to you. Second, it allows you to not waste as many resources when you use a product completely. It's a frugal thing to do.

On the other hand, there is a sort of creepy factor in using stranger stuff. Sure an extra roll of toilet paper is just common courtesy but there seems to be a line where it becomes weird to use other people's stuff.
I was unsure what to make of the gallon of chocolate syrup underneath the sink, Lysol adjacent. The tray table looks perfectly useful but the used sponge is gone.

So I'm curious to know, how do you feel about stranger stuff? Do you use it? Or do you start off on a clean slate? Bonus points if you tell me what is the weirdest stranger stuff you've ever found. For me, it's definitely the chocolate syrup, hands down.

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