The dress that launched a bunch of phone calls. I love Ebay.It all started when I ordered this fabulous silk designer dress on eBay. Normally completely out of my price range, I got it for $40. I figured if it didn’t fit, I could have it altered.

The dress was even more beautiful in person but since I am not a size 8 Anne Klein dress form, it needed alterations to fit. Normally I attempt this sort of thing myself but the potential for disaster on silk made me decide that maybe I should call in an expert. And so my search began.

A Google search yielded some places in Bangor (an hour away) and a dry cleaner in Ellsworth (30 minutes away). I know that the dry cleaner subcontracts this kind of work out (I had something repaired there before) and it would take a few weeks turnaround to get it back. Was there no one in my entire county who could do this?

I checked the Yellow Pages. Nothing. I even tried to convince a friend to help me do it for money. She wasn’t confident enough to attempt silk but did give me the number of a local sewing store. I called them (since their owner once told me she barely checks her email) and was given a phone number to Acadia Sewing.

So I called Acadia Sewing and set up an appointment with the woman’s husband (nothing like telling a man you’ve never met that things are too big in the chest area!). I was given directions that involved about half an hour of driving and a brief stint on a dirt road. I love Maine!

I got to the house and met Sveta, the nicest Ukranian woman ever who is going to make the alterations for between $20-$30.

Now if I was no single minded in my purpose, I doubt this would have ever gotten done. I think most people, not finding something in the Yellow Pages or on Google, will just give up.

Moral of my story: Even if you have a monopoly on an industry in a particular area, you should totally have a website, at least so people can find you without such a hassle!

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