Experimenting with reaction style videos to gurus who talk about marketing. This first episode is all about Grant Cardone. We talk about sales funnels, landing pages, and… dog enemas. (Grant brought it up, not me.)

Link to the original video here.

Note: this video is a commentary-style piece of content and covered under fair use.

Who am I? I have had an internet marketing business for 15 years, mainly working with small businesses and non-profits but big projects too. You can contact me at www.breakingeveninc.com/contact

I do a weekly “Ask Nicole” livestream which is much more content/teaching about online marketing topics so check out the playlists if you want to get some subject matter tutorials.

If you have gurus you’d want me to cover, please leave a comment below!

For now, I will be shooting for one of these per month.

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