One Resolution A Month Works For Me!

One thing that's always bugged me about how January 1st falls on the calendar is how it doesn't feel like the new year. Really one winter snowy day blends into the next. It makes much more sense to me to have the year change at some point that actually feels transitional, like the first day of spring or the start of a school year.

Calendar That said, of course I'm not impervious to marketing. I'm thinking about what I want to do differently in 2009.

Like most Americans, I'm also a total slacker in that I start out strong and forget by March what it was I wanted to do anyway.

I came up with a concept on my drive home today: what if I only had to think about one resolution a month? Wouldn't I feel so much more focused and happy when I accomplish something? I'm just putting this out there as something I'm doing that may work for you. Here's my year:

January: Make a one page list with everyone's birthday on it so I stop forgetting.
Februrary: Make a one page document with all my financial information.
March: Launch my new website.
April: Learn to hip hop dance.
May: Fix everything in my sewing pile.
June: Host a great outdoor party.
July: Spend a long weekend somewhere I've never been. 
August: Submit three pieces of writing for publication.
September: Write a thank you note a day and actually send them.
October: Learn enough Spanish to have a basic conversation.
November: Try 25 new recipes.
December: Relax.

A mixture of having fun, tackling piles that need tackling, and trying new things. Most importantly, only one thing to think about at a time (I have the right to rearrange these at a later date).

So am I jumping the gun on this New Year's resolution thing? Do you have a resolution (or two or eight) you think could inspire people? Comment here as a way to increase your accountability to yourself. And yes, I will check up if you like!

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