Looking For A Discount Code Before Submitting An Online Order: Priceless

RetailmenotThe last time I bought something online (business cards at Vistaprint last week), I noticed the little "enter promotional code here" field in the shopping cart. I decided to type in "promotional code vistaprint" in a Google search before submitting my order. I got a code that saved me 80%. (FYI Vistaprint does have free business cards but they use the back of the card to plug their website, which I didn’t want for my purposes.) Twenty dollars for 500 cards was a fine deal to me.

I had to adjust my Typepad account information yesterday. I saw the coupon field again so in another window, I typed in "discount code typepad" in a quick Google search. I now have 15% off my monthly subscription rate. Why didn’t I think of this before? In addition to buying things through places like Ebates and getting money back, I could also use promo codes to get additional discounts. Where am I getting these codes, you ask?


It gives you the promotional/discount code as well as the likelihood for success. For example, the Greyhound codes I tried a couple months ago for my Boston trip didn’t work but at 15% success rate, I wasn’t expecting they would.

So before you buy something online, especially from a major retailer, give retailmenot.com a shot. It’s about 30 seconds of effort but for frugal-minded folks, well worth it.

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