It’s ‘Stick It To The Man’ Friday

StickittothemanThe theme of this Friday post is “sticking it to the man”. That’s right, there are ways to do it without being publicly humiliated or fired. I also hope that you can share your additional ideas in the comments or by emailing me (I promise to give you props).

Sense to Save had a great post called “Make Installment Payments To Yourself”. The basic idea is, you know how it’s cheaper to pay one lump sum for something like car insurance but you never have the funds up front? She suggests putting the money you would use on a monthly payment into an account with interest. Then you pay the lump sum at the end and get to keep your interest. Way to stick it to the bank, Kacie! They do get to “borrow” your money so why not get something for it.

Moolanomy had a great post last week about making money off credit cards by “Making Money Off Credit Cards” using a similar principle (taking the money out and putting it in an account then paying the credit card back, keeping the interest for yourself). The idea makes me a little nervous so I’d try it with a small amount initially if I could do it at all. But I am all for sticking it to credit card companies.

And Google was abuzz earlier yesterday morning about Guess what that specializes in? That’s right, sell that perfectly good jewelry (or, even better, “gifts that should have been jewelry”)  and get useful cash for useless old gifts. Talk about sticking it to a specific man!

Spending Less 101 and Mommy Gets Paid both have online coupon codes regularly for free or reduced price items. I applied for a free Elle Décor subscription by taking a survey and I used a code to get 80% off business cards at Vistaprint. (Too bad they aren’t coming in for my networking event on Sunday.) Getting free stuff is kind of like sticking it to some big company, right?

A snarkier post, yes, but it is Friday and sometimes, it is nice to have a little power over something that is much more powerful than any individual person. So why not stick it to the man this Friday? And do let us know how it went!

Image from …this Google Image search was so right on with the first image it returned!

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