Congradulations to Randy Devost who won the May Movie Giveaway contest. Here are some of Randy's favorite forms of cheap entertainment, both on and offline:

Cheap Online Entertainment

  • Subscribing to YouTube vlogs (for some) is in many ways better than TV. Cable and Satellite subscriptions are SO EXPENSIVE! Some YouTube favorites of mine are: What the Buck Show, ThoseLilRabbits, Rocketboom, Leslie Hall, etc. I’m interested primarily by shows that make me laugh and inform me on what’s going on in popular culture. You can also watch regular TV programming for free using services like: Joost, Hulu, etc.
  • For those who seek the latest dance trends, there are those sharing new dance styles online. Here are a few that are fun to learn and alter upon: Sydney Shuffle, Tektonic, C-walk, Le Tabarnak, etc. Upload your own!
  • Using Flickr to create photo slideshows of goals you feel like are impossible and then sending them off to your most critical friends may help add viability to your convoluted fantasies. My last, “Shack on a Wharf,” is about how I dream of converting a fishing shack into my home.” What’s nice is that letting yourself dream helps you stay happy and keeps you motivated for the future. “Life is never bland with dreams at hand.”  -Randy Devost

Cheap Real World Entertainment:

  • Learning a new card game with friends
  • Running, swimming, hiking, biking, fishing, etc.
  • Inviting friends for a night of board games. Have everyone bring a new or strange board game found in grandma’s attic or from a yard sale!
  • Sewing parties for guys and girls!
  • People watching (malls, public transportation, public squares, etc.)
  • Playing “makeover” and letting your friends dress you up.
  • Internet cafés or finding new WIFI zones. jiwire.commay be of help.

Thanks to those who participated and thanks to Randy for fun suggestions. Next time you're bored, try a few off that list!

In June, I'm launching another contest. The prize this time: the book "Nickeled and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By In America. I'll make a page for it later today. It'll be a random drawing and it will involve blood. Stay tuned!

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