I’ve had every intention of starting my own price book for when I go grocery shopping (to help keep track of the lowest prices on items I buy regularly). Truth is, I haven’t really needed one because I have a mind to remember trivial things like that. (I still remember my 7th grade boyfriend’s phone number for God’s sake!) When I’m trotting down that grocery aisle, I know what to grab.

While most food prices are getting higher, that is not the case across the board. For the past few weeks, lobster prices have gone super low. Prices got to around $2.75 a pound wholesale about a month ago and are remaining low. Don’t get me wrong, the grocery stores are still selling them for way more then this but the wholesale price is ridiculously low. And lobstermen are really feeling the effects.

Lots of possible solutions to this problem are being discussed, with some people already cutting out the middle man and buying direct. Grocery stores and other distributors are being pressured to lower prices so hopefully that’ll happen soon. Otherwise though for just a little more hassle, I can get myself some good cheap lobster and help out a local industry at the same time!

Despite current low prices, there is still the prevailing idea that lobster is a luxury food that normal people can’t afford on a regular basis. Also, people only know of one way to cook lobster (boil and dip in butter) and therefore don’t see it as really versatile. So while prices are low, the culture keeps people (at least many people I know) from buying them.

Since I normally don’t follow waterfront news very closely, it’s the fact that I knew $3 a pound was a good price for lobster that made me reevaluate my buying habits. While we may be in a recession, it appears prices for some things (like lobster) are going down.

Have you noticed a lower price phenomenon yourself due to your awareness of what prices usually are?

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