So, my friend Sarah got in a car accident yesterday. Don't worry, she's perfectly fine, and the car is running smoothly. But it needs some serious body work. Well, the rest from Sarah:

"I was at an intersection turning left, and I stopped short for a pedestrian that appeared in the cross walk (scary how they sometimes do that!). The car coming into the opposite direction (whose lane I was blocking by turning left) hit my back passenger wheel well. There are just some panels that will need to be replaced, but it all took me by surprise. Luckily, I'm not at fault.

So here's where my money-saving idea comes in. I knew the drivers should exchange information, but I didn't know what information was important. I ended up getting his name, phone number, and driver's license number (which turned out to be incomplete).

Because I don't have any detailed information on this guy, he can claim that he wasn't involved in the accident (it was someone else with a similar license number). If he is uncooperative, then I'm responsible for my deductible towards the body work. (If he's cooperative, and his insurance company agrees it was his fault, then I won't have to pay a cent.)

So, if I had known what information was important, I wouldn't have to worry about paying the deductible. Am I making sense? Maybe my brain got a little rattled 😉 Either way, the necessary information seems to be: license plate number for the car, driver's license number for the driver, and insurance company of the driver. Just a way to save the deductible (if you're not at fault)."

Good advice Sarah. My friends are so smart!

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