My mom has been recieving Bon Appetit magazine and then either sending them or giving them to me for years now. Also, whenever people see a great recipe in a book or are thinking of getting rid of a cookbook, they ask me first.

I’m known as a lover or recipes and a bit of a cook (though not at all a baker as some friends are a little too quick to point out…though my cake with substitutions did work out in the end, anyway…). The problem then becomes a file folder of recipes I can’t organize, let alone find to make. Plus piles of ripped out magazine pages just get to me.

While in my real life, I would love to go completely paperless and get rid of my three file boxes (which were whittled down from four last year), I realize I need to take this one step at a time. Organize one life area at a time, feel success in that, learn to maintain the organization, then move onto the next thing.

I stumbled upon this great recipe coraller via another blog which has great recipes in its own right. Tastebooks allow users to import recipes from Epicurious, Bon Appetit, and Gormet magazines as well as type up their own. You can then share them with other people and then choose recipes and assemble them into your own nice cookbook. If you want control over th design, you have it. The products look beautiful and, at only $35 each, they seem like they would make a great gift for any friend who likes to cook. The best part though is it’s free to store and share recipes. And you know how much I like free, but never at the expense of nice. Tastebooks is no exception.

Now, I used to belong to an all female “dinner club” and if we had known about this site, I bet we would have shared a lot more recipes with each other! (My poor friend Ally was in charge of combining our recipes and formatting them into a book… and apparently, we are a hard bunch to extract recipes from!) So sign up and begin organizing and sharing your recipes with your friends and family.

Tis the season to cook up a storm and share good cheer!

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