So I have in the past prefessed my love for Hannaford’s edamame salad but my love has since turned to their seven bean variety. (Hannaford is a New England grocery chain.) But at almost $5 a pound, what’s a personal finance blogger to do?

I bought half a pound of my seven bean salad and took it home for a little doctoring up.

Seven Bean Salad, as one would buy in the deli, 0.5 pounds.

Starting material: 8 oz. ($2.72 worth) of seven bean salad (extra vinagrette please!)

4 oz. canned black beans (soak your own beans if you’re super frugal!)- $0.35 (still had half a can left over)
4 oz. canned chick peas- $0.30 (still had half a can left over)
1/2 diced and sauted onion- $0.30 (half as leftovers)

Additional ingredients from my pantry and fridge. This is getting crazy!

Final product: 1 pound of seven bean salad, still with tasty vinagrette. Cost: $3.62 a pound for almost the exact same thing

Yup the same thing but twice as much. Behold my magical powers.

Ok, so I saved a dollar and some change on my usual treat (it’s usually $4.99 a pound) but more importantly, I extended it to four meals rather then the usual two.

Need marketing help?