Those of you who have met me know I am the least mumbo-jumbo hippy-dippy person you will ever meet. I’m only touchy-feeling with the amount of people I can count on one hand. I rolled my eyes when everyone was reading ‘The Secret’ and ‘Who Stole My Cheese’.

OK you get it. So why is a person like me falling for affirmations?

There are a couple reasons I thought I’d give an affirmation a shot:

There was an article. About two months ago, it felt like everyone I knew was talking about this article in Forbes called 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM. It’s what you expect for the most part: eat healthy, exercise, blah blah. The one thing on the list that was actually kind of surprising to me was visualization. Apparently you don’t even have to do it a long time; you just focus on your successes for the day and how you’ve move through it positively. If I can visualize for 2 minutes instead of running for 30 and still have a positive change in my life, that works for me!

There was a health coach. I met this person online (a friend of a friend) a few months ago. I went to her webinar, expecting the usual braggy webinar most consultants give with a couple pieces of information in between you hearing them yammer on about their amazingness. Instead, immediately after introducing herself (1 minute) Shannon delved right into actual information. I decided right then I liked this woman.

I learned A TON during this webinar. Not I-wrote-three-sentences-in-my-notebook-and-smiled a lot, like blew-my-mind-and-made-me-want-to-watch-it-again-and-send-it-to-everyone-I-know a lot. In her last email newsletter, she mentioned an affirmation and how repeating it changed her health.

And then there’s the fact that I’m kind of lazy. Not about some things like work but about taking time from my day to do things like meditate or figure out what color my aura is. (See explanation of my personality above.)


I thought, what can an affirmation hurt? Even for a very skeptical person like myself, it’s not much to ask.

So every morning for the past two weeks, I say my little affirmation “I am healthy in all areas of my life.” I say it to myself and I close my eyes and see myself getting through my day, having meetings, accomplishing tasks, getting to the end of the day and cooking dinner, walking the dog, seeing Derrick, everything. I takes about two minutes.

Then as I sit at my desk and work, I tell myself once in awhile “I am healthy in all areas of my life.”


And guess what? I feel better. Surprisingly better.

If you want some numerical proof something has changed, I’ve lost weight. I’ve been stuck on a particular number on the scale for six months. (Yeah, like I’m going to tell you what it was!) Quite a plateau.

When I woke up the other day and was two pounds less than that number, I was as shocked as you are reading this.

I haven’t changed my diet. I haven’t started exercising more. I attribute this change to a combination of eating half my breakfast at 7 am and the other half at 10 am and this affirmation thing. (Shannon made both suggestions.)

So if you are feeling like you want something to change, I suggest you try this. From one skeptical person to another, it’s surprised me how effective it seems to be.

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