So my stats have been up this week I think in part because I'm talking about other things besides the bailout bill. I wanted to see how the whole thing played out before reacting. So the bill passed and it's been signed. I guess all we can do now is watch our own finances and cross our fingers that things will work out. Maybe pray.

I love how this went from a "bailout" to a "rescue bill" in two days. Ok, enough of my cynicism.

While I didn't talk bailout, lots of other bloggers and websites had the subject completely covered, if you'd like to read more about it:

First Draft of the Bailout analyzed by Gen X Finance
The ING Savers Pledge at Happy Rock
Fresh Air economy explanation link via Wisebread
A Great Depression Comparison to today via The Wall Street Journal
What Is Money? explained by Get Rich Slowly

Of course if that isn't enough, just check out your favorite news website or do a quick search in your favorite search engine. Talk about information overload!

And just because I haven't said anything doesn't mean I wasn't getting my little ducks in a row. I called my broker and we did a little moving around putting some extra into the market while prices were low. My small town bank where most of my money is remains unaffected. My ING account also remains unaffected. Having well under $100,000 in savings, I am FDIC insured. I guess won't be stashing cash under my mattress for the moment.

If you aren't sure if your money is safe, there is a way to check (besides calling your financial institutions). has a few simple questions you can answer to see if your accounts/investments are safe.

Happy Friday, and since everything is supposedly going to go well now, why don't you take a little cash from under your floorboards and go get yourself a nice bar of chocolate. Mmmm, endorphins. They're going to save us all!

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