The following guest post was written by Randy Devost, my high school penpal and good dear friend. He lives in Quebec, where he lives a cool French and artistic existence. You can email him at randy.devost at

My General Philosophy on Food: I believe most Americans live on a “snacking” diet. Instead of trying to change that by starving ourselves with bland vegetables, “diet” products, and the absence of food, we ought to indulge in healthier snacks! Certain drinks and foods, along with a rigorous weekly exercise of one’s choice, can improve our health enormously.

·        Make your own Italian Sodas! Buying a case of Schweppes brand soda water and adding Torani syrups is an economic and healthy way to enjoy a gourmet soda.

·        For the brave and experimental: mixing teas with floral water, large tapioca pearls, juices, sugars, yogurts, gelatins, milk, spices, etc. (I inspire from Pearl Milk Tea and Lassi drinks.) The goal is to make the most exotic and intoxicating non-alcoholic drink possible.

·        I learned this one from my Mexican friends—a bag of apples with Tajin fruit seasoning is a great way to spice up the ordinary!

·        Forage for your food! Referring to traditional Native American gastronomy is often helpful. (Here’s a list I came up with for us Mainers. We should grow the list as big as possible!)

o       Clams

o       Perrywinkles

o       Mussels

o       Sea Urchin

o       Blueberries

o       Strawberries

o       Dandylion greens

o       Hazlenuts

o       Beach nuts

o       Choke cherries

o       Wild apples

o       Mushrooms

o       Fiddleheads

o       Raspberries

o       Blackberries

o       Wild spices

·        Snacking on toast is cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Depending on the “bread and spread” you use, it can be relatively healthier, and less costly, than a slice of cake or a bowl of ice cream. Here are some spreads I’ve enjoyed over the years:


SWEET: butter & Nutella, Peanut butter & fluff, Peanut butter & mollases, Tahini & honey, Butter & cinnamon sugar,

SAVORY: Vegemite, Creton, Hummus,Veggie patés, Cheese-Whiz, Brie or Camembert cheese

·        Popcorn doesn’t have to be boring or bland! I prefer popping popcorn using the classic air popper or even in a pan on a stove. Here are some of my favorite toppings:


o       Grated parmesan cheese

o       Lawry’s brand season salt

o       Chili powder

o       Jalapeno oil

o       Sesame oil

o       Black pepper

o       Cayenne

o       Sugar


Got any snacks to share? Do tell!

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