I like to think that I coined the term Super Fat Tuesday early this morning. I thought I was so clever until a quick Google search proved my otherwise, as it usually does. Oh well.

As luck would have it, I won a Superbowl pool over the weekend for predicting the overall total score without going over. I know, I know, I know nothing about sports and just got lucky. But good for me, right? I am now $125 richer. As with unexpected cash flow in general, the question is save or spend. So what would you do with an extra hundred bucks if it just happened to you?

Reader Poll: What should Nicole do with her extra $125?
a) Pay her dentist bill from last month…what kind of budgeting guru are you?
b) Put the money towards a more extravagant birthday gift for the boyfriend; invest in love!
c) Save it for a fun excursion this spring. Wee!
d) Buy a material possession on her wish list as a reminder that she can still be fun.

Guess which I want to do?

Apparently “frugality burnout” is an actual thing to watch out for and cope with, especially as the New Year seems farther away. So here’s a Super Fat Tuesday reminder from your Franco-American budgeter to go a little wild and Mardi Gras from time to time with your budget.

But please weigh in on what you’d actually do with extra cash. I’m curious!

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