One of my readers recently asked me why I haven’t written about food lately. Good question.

Truth is, I’ve been eating like a confirmed bachelor. I’ve been eating lots of quick foods, skipping breakfast in favor of coffee, and once even caught myself eating a jumbo marshmallow while standing by the kitchen sink. What is going on here?

I love food, and I love to eat healthy but I got busy and fell off the wagon as of late. As a result, I’ve been cooking way less and foraging way more. Eating small amounts and exercising is keeping me trim but I am not liking this lifestyle. So not me!

It’s definitely back on the eating-real-meals bandwagon for me and I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into it than kale.

Kale is good for you and tasty... and pretty inexpensive. Really! I first thought of eating kale when Meg Wolff, a fellow Maine blogger, presented the Kale Challenge, which basically advocates trying to eat a little kale every day for a week. It’s a good source of calcium and really all of us could stand to get a little more leafy greens in our diets for iron, fiber, and lots of other reasons.

Lunch for the last few days was a kale stirfry. I roasted the kale (see recipe below) and tossed it with some cooked pasta, stirfried chicken and garlic and drizzled the whole thing with a little parm cheese and sea salt. Yum!

So far, being back into real meals has been good. It has forced me to not eat at my desk, which means I take a real lunch break. Unexpected additional bonus is I listen to NPR while cooking and eating so I actually know what’s going on in the world. When I realized all the major news stories in the last month I’d learned over Facebook, I knew it was time to get back into my public radio habit as well.

And at less than $2.99 a pound, kale is cheap, healthy, and good. Oh and it’s currently in season, so give it a shot!

Roasted Kale Recipe via Foodista
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