Why It Pays To Split

Sometimes I feel that where I live is 20 minutes away from everything. I would like to live in a city or other compact area with everything close. Having to get in car and drive can be kind of lame.

Hockey The other part (the good part) about being a short drive from a lot of things is that there are lots of possibilities for entertainment. Seeing the University Of Maine Black Bears Hockey team is one such possibility for us. I think Mainers get particularly excited about having something to do on a winter night besides trying to stay warm or snowblow their driveways (though that is exciting in its own way!). It doesn't hurt that UMaine is nationally ranked and really good either.

Sean has been splitting season tickets for a couple seasons now. This year, his seats are particularly good (though it's not evident from the slightly fuzzy photos I took). A coworker and Sean split a pair of season tickets. Each get two seats for ten games and each paid $350.

I initially thought this was kind of insane. But then I looked up ticket prices tonight for fun and they can run $30-$100 apiece depending on the game. Holy crap! With a little math I figure that our ticket price is $17.50, no matter who's playing.

Zamboni A few other compelling reasons to split season tickets with a friend:
1) Price is right. Sean and I would have probably paid close to $17.50 each to see a movie or a play tonight.
2) Who wants to go to 20 games? I sure don't. A few in the season is fine with me. Sharing means not having to feel like you have to be Superfan.
3) Great activity to do with visitors or friends. When Sean's buddies come to town, a game is something fun and novel for them to do together. (And an excuse for me to do my own thing!)
4) They make great gifts!
5) It's a fun and novel thing to do. We could do most anything else most months of the year but the Zamboni only happens a few times. (How psyched is the kid riding that?)

Splitting tickets doesn't necessarily have to be sports. It could be theater tickets or any other recurring event. Maybe that guy I live with isn't so nuts after all. GO BIG BLUE! 

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