Last night, My friend Jessica was going to the big citay to give blood so I decided to go with her. The good ol’ Red Cross can use all the donations they can get I figure.

Redcross So we gave our blood and got 1) A free movie rental, 2) a coupon for a free Personal Pan pizza from Pizza Hut (reminds me of the ol’ BookIt Days), a rose (Valentine’s Day marketing), and all the Oreos and Vitamin Water we could shove in our mouth in 15 minutes (there may have been other things but that was what was exciting to me).

About $7 worth of free stuff, snacks, and the possibility of saving a few lives? Not bad for a night’s work. And other places you can apparently get more free stuff.

(On a less alturisitic note, there are those sell-your-plasma places. When I told my mother that I was going to go to one in college, she lectured me on the phone for an hour then three days later there was a check in my mailbox from her. I didn’t need money that bad so I didn’t push the issue with Mom but I’ve always wondered is, are those places really that bad?)

Next Time: What I did with that super-unexpected Superbowl cash. Hint: I took advice from all your comments…

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