I’ve decided to do a five part mini-series about how friends can help friends for free. On the surface, it’s a common sense series of posts but a concept I think a lot of us need to be reminded of, especially single folks who have families far away like myself. My point: we need to rely on each other now more than ever!

My friend Jen just gave me a pair of black boots today. She got some new ones and wasn’t going to wear the old ones anymore. Still in good shape and in my size, I’m the happy recipient. (I think my boots may be at the cobblers indefinitely…)

Jen probably could have put the boots on eBay and gotten $20 or so for them. She could have kept them in her closet a few years and then eventually donated them to charity. But she gave them to me…and I’m already happily wearing them to an event I’m covering tonight!

So the next time you have something cool you aren’t using but that you think a friend would like, why not pass it on? If you have a lot of cool somethings to get rid of, have a swap. As someone who made $100 for a full two days work holding a garage sale and about that amount in 4 weeks selling stuff on eBay, I can now safely say swapping stuff with someone who is truely appreciative is a lot better use of your time and will probabaly in the end be more lucrative (For example, I’ve got some beauty products I just thought of with Jen’s name on them!).

Because a smile on my friend’s face is definitely worth $20, at least to me.

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