After a brief hiatus, the five part mini-series about how friends can help friends for free continues. On the surface, it’s a common sense series of posts but a concept I think a lot of us need to be reminded of, especially single folks who have families far away like myself. My point: we need to rely on each other now more than ever!

How many times have you bought a friend a coffee or had a coworker lend you a stamp? I’ve done it plenty of times but also have been the recipient of the good fortune of others.

I have this theory on karma money that everyone seems to get a kick out of:

Anything less then $10 between friends is karma money. If you lend it, you are likely to get the money back in the future and vice versa.

While I’ve never done a formal investigation, I don’t think this policy has lost me any significant amount of money. That said, I think that while this would work great with my regular friends I see often, and a very small way I can show them how much I appreciate them. (Thoughful types notice these kind of things, I certainly do!) That said, we all have those people in our lives for who this would not work, and that’s fine. Karma money is just that: a general guideline that we can use to help each other out.

So do offer to spring for a coffee or pay your friend’s library fine if you can and you’re there. The good we put in the world comes back to us, and a lot more quickly when it’s a small act of kindness for a friend.

I’m also curious: Do you already have a similar rule to this in your life? If so, what’s your karma amount?

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