I know, I put the word "free" in there to get your attention. But it is true.

I just found out that our library has CDs (and I already knew about movies) that you can take out for free for a couple of weeks at a time.

While what our library had wasn’t necessarily cutting edge (albums that were cool about five years ago with a few new ones), your local library can be mined for classics or local independent stuff. (At least I would think, if you’re too awful musical-talentedwise to be carried by the local library, you may want to rethink that music career.)

Yeah, I’ve totally "rented" library movies but when I saw the two racks of CDs, I had a new found appreciation for my local resource.

Of course, I only listened to the CDs I took out a few times and then brought them right back… I certainly didn’t rip them to my computer or remix them or anything. Oh, and I didn’t check out any Metallica. So record companies, please don’t sue me. And everyone else, check out your library!

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