I have been working with a health coach the last couple of months.

I haven’t mentioned this partially because I’ve been waiting for the big reveal in a few months… it can take longer to get results you can see than it is to get results you can feel apparently. I also haven’t mentioned it because it feels like that’s what wealthy people who have too much money do.

Not so it turns out. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Anyway, part of her work with me has been evaluating all aspects of my life. I took the assessment at the beginning and two months in. Improvement in health (and other) areas but one area continues to lag for me: creativity.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Nicole, you’re creative all day. And I am, I get to be creative all day… for the business and for other peoples’ businesses.

But not really for myself. In terms of creating art or ‘fun’ creativity, I have been neglectful the last few years. And I am someone who has always needed that in my life.

What I like about Pinterest is that it has introduced a series of these ’30 day’ challenges. A lot of them are fitness ones:


This is forcing creativity in your workout… and not taking much of your day.

Other challenges I’ve seen go by?


And this one:

30daywardrobechallengewwwI’ve actually been doing the 30 day wardrobe challenge to push my creativity (and to make me less sick of what’s in my closet by wearing things in new ways).

I’ve gotten lots more compliments on my outfits and by having the challenge, it’s almost given me permission to experiment in a way I wouldn’t have without an assignment.

If you feel a bit in a rut in some area of your life and think some creativity might improve it, I urge you to find one of these 30 day challenges and see how it goes. Your creativity might surprise you. It certainly has surprised me.

So if you see me wearing something totally nuts this month, I have an excuse… and an opportunity.

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