You may remember that about a month ago, I decided to try to make money off my cute dog by expoliting her in online photo contests. Here is what happened:

PamperedPuppy sent me a confirmation email and nothing else.

Cutest Pet Contest sent me a confirmation email then followed up via email and regular mail, offering to sell me the book my dog is in for only… $69.95. After I didn’t respond to either solicitation, I heard nothing back. has been the most aggressive, emailing me several times a week more and more urgently that they need to hear whether I want a copy of the book they’re selling (also about $70) and whether I will attend an amateur photographer’s conference. I’m allowing them to email my account for another month before I mark them as spam.

Both Cutest Pet and had me make the semifinal round in less than two weeks but have given me a month to buy their books. If anyone has seen anything from any of these contests, monetary prizes or otherwise, I’d love to hear about it. For me, they have been a little disappointing, of course for the lack of prizes but mostly for a lack of clear communication.

So in the online pet photo world, there is no money for nothing. At least not yet. (I can still hope a little, right?)

Meanwhile I’ve heard Kodak has a photo contest. I kind of believe in Kodak so I’ll give you the link to submit here.

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