I was perusing meat at the grocery store the other day when I overheard two youngish guys talking with each other (Late high school? Early college? Hard to say):

"Dude, I telling you, you buy a chicken and roast and then you can eat it for like a week. It's really cheap… I do it all the time!" (FYI: While the actual quote is slightly paraphrased due to my moderately terrible memory, he actually did say "dude"!)

Fast forward to yesterday at lunch when I'm checking out nerve.com's advice column Miss information. She usually gives, uh hum, not so financial advice. You know the advice I'm talking about: the "should I break up with my boyfriend" sprinkled with the occasional what-the-heck physical problem that could effect a romantic relationship. This week though, the leading question was financial in nature. (She even has some good tips to avoid online fraud from it. Click here to check them out.)

Even Real Simple tried to slip me some advice between its glossy pictures of well-composed food photographs and ads for cleaning products. It's kind of weird how we're all obessed with money now.

Do you find yourself hearing advice about saving money from odd places too? I'd especially love to hear stuff you've overheard!

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