I love my new apartment I love my new location but I'm only okay with the thirty minute commute. Half-an-hour isn't a big deal, especially when gas prices are relatively low but as I get into my routine I figuring out ways to cut down on my driving.

There is a commuter bus but taking it would require me leaving work 40 minutes early, something I don't think my employer will allow. I've also not found anyone at work that lives near me.

But I'm certainly not giving up. I see other cars headed in the same directions at the same time as me. There has to be a way.

I've put an ad on Craigslist to find other people my situation I am also going to talk to my boss next week about working in a different office closer to my house one day a week. I have some good reasons besides saving myself some money which would actually benefit the company.

Even if I would only save myself a trip or two a week, the savings will be substantial.

Until I figure it out, I am trying to stay put on the weekends since everything I “need” is within walking distance (grocery store, hardware store, laundromat, pub, restaurants). Well, except for this weekend where I will see normally far-flung friends and family who are staying half an hour away. Hmm…I'll have to start this next weekend.

Meanwhile, have you found an inventive way to save money in your commute? They haven't been other way that I can find buddies to commute with?

Need marketing help?