Too Cute Tuesdays have been such a hit I've decided to add another weekly segment to this blog: Fashion Fridays. Every Friday, I'll tackle a topic of style, beauty, and overall fabulousness, on a budget of course.

What are my creditials for this? First of all, I have always been one to take fashion risks. When I was eight I had a red leather skirt that everyone made fun of but I rocked anyway. In eigth grade, I changed hair dressers when she refused to cut my hair really short like I wanted. In college, I discovered polyblends (and the importance of limiting their applications) through my then-boyfriend's extended Canadian family. When I studied abroad in France, I learned the art and the fun of personalizing a timeless look with fun accessories like scarves and earrings. At 23, I bought my first cashmere sweater and never looked back.

Besides experimentation in my youth, I continue to learn new things. I now change up my look regularly, though have found a few classics that work well for me. I read fashion and decorating magazines with great interest. I also have a semi-monthly video series I do with a coworker on our newspaper website. (I would love to do it more often, unfortunately the other things I get paid to do at work often take precendence.)

Hope you enjoy. And do send any fashion/style questions you have my way and I'll attempt to tackle them. Look for the first of the series later today. Until then, stay fabulous!

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