I know that Jesus is supposed to be the reason for the season but unless you haven’t walked into a store in the last two weeks, it’s hard not to at least spend some time thinking about the commercial crap. I walked into Target tonight and got swept up for several moments into wondering why I didn’t have a basket of pinecones by the door or sleigh bells just in case. Oh, that silver reindeer ornament is so classic! Then I mentally slapped myself and focused on the mission at hand.

Sean and I bought wreaths this weekend. We didn’t get a tree but I couldn’t resist the urge to get a wreath for each door. They smell fresh and pine-y and will last at least a couple months. To go with these wreaths, I needed two over-the-door hooks (weath hangers for lack of a better term) and two red bows. I bought the items and a couple wrapping aids (bows, tags) and went to the cash. I was $15 over what I was expecting but wanted to leave so bad, I figured that I just couldn’t add. I used my gift card (the reason I had went there in the first place was to use the card before I lost it) and I paid the $15 over in cash.

I got home and unpacked my bag. One of my bows was a thrifty 99 cents, the other… $19.99! What the heck? How could three pieces of folded ribbon cost what a dinner out costs? They were right next to each other on the rack. I am posting a photo below of both ribbons below. Can you pick out the ridiculously overpriced bow?

BowtasticMoral of this story: don’t be blinded by all the red and flashing lights. Just because it’s in the seasonal/bargain rack/clearance section doesn’t mean the item should be there. Check the prices of each item and if things aren’t coming out right numberswise when you check out, look at your reciept before driving over half an hour away. Oh and Target, much less impressed than I once was.

Here’s hoping someone will learn from my mistake. Also, I’m keeping these darn ribbons for the next five years at least. Might as well do a year by year comparison as to how they hold up at the very least…Merry Freakin’ Christmas!

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