Whoa 1,000 miles, a huge party, and one wedding later, I needed to spend the day covering from my crazy weekend. A good part of the day was spent at the Asticou Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor. We strolled around, visited the small historic house on the property, and spent a lot of time sitting in a spot with a prime view talking about life. I left completely relaxed but slightly sad I was unable to take photos due to the recent demise of my digital camera.

Asticougarden I've always enjoyed going to botanical gardens big and small. They are pretty reasonably priced (today's suggested donation was $3 a person) obviously in keeping with my standards. Here are a few other reasons to love a public garden:

1) They can give you great planting ideas as they usually feature local flora and are grouped with complimentary plants.
2) So peaceful you can do a variety of peaceful activities like read, nap, or sketch.
3) Even if you aren't the best photographer, you are guaranteed some classy photos for framing or for your computer desktop.
4) Gives people with a science degree a chance to show off their Latin by decoding the little plaques (which, thank goodness, have the common names for those of us not so in the know).
5) Nicer setting for walking then your local mall or the block you live on (unless you live in some ridiculously beautiful place- if so, good for you).
6) Your donations stay in the community and employ local people.
7) You learn something new, even if accidentally. I learned about orchard bees from the tiny bee houses built for them on the grounds. They can't borrow or build hives so they have to have their dwellings built for them.

So enjoy summer by taking the time to smell the flowers. I'm glad I finally did today.

Image from: http://picasaweb.google.com/adlazauski/NortheastHarborMEAsticouTerracesThuyaGardensAndEliotMountain

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